Why Is My Baby Obsessed With Doors? (Unveiling the Surprising Truth!)

Why Is My Baby Obsessed With Doors? Babe in Dreamland

Ah, the classic baby door fascination! 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

However, have you ever wondered why your little one can’t resist slamming, opening, and closing every door in sight? 

Fear not, dear parent, because I delved into the mysterious world of infant behaviour to uncover the fascinating reasons behind this peculiar obsession. 

Are you ready to discover the truth about your baby’s love affair with Doors?

Let’s get going, then!

There are a few reasons why babies are fascinated by doors. First, babies love novelty, and doors are new and unfamiliar objects with cool features, making unique sounds and movements, which they find very exciting. Secondly, playing with doors offers them the opportunity to practise their newly acquired sensory-motor skills and explore their environment. Another reason may be that your baby watched others interact with doors and tried to imitate them. And lastly, doors can offer a sense of control and independence for babies. By opening and closing doors, they may feel a sense of mastery over their environment and the ability to affect change. 

1. Fascinated by Novelty: The Hidden Reason Your Baby Can’t Resist Doors!

Believe it or not, babies are drawn to doors like moths to a flame. 

I mean, who knew a simple slab of wood with a knob could be so captivating? 

But seriously, for babies, doors are like a whole new world waiting to be explored. Every door is unique and different, with hinges that creak and knobs that turn.

 And don’t even get me started on the fascinating movements! 

But here’s the thing: all this door-exploring is actually really good for their little noggins. 

When babies experience new things, their brains create new neural connections and pathways.

And the more new things they experience, the more their brains develop. 

Plus, scientists at John Hopkins University found that novelty actually improves babies’ memory retention. 

But there is more…

According to scientists at John Hopkins University, the novelty enhances babies’ memory retention! The study found that infants were more likely to remember the new pictures than the ones they saw many times before.

Meanwhile, scientists from the University of California discovered that when babies are presented with new objects, their brains become more active in the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for attention and decision-making. On the other hand, when they see something familiar, their brain activity remains the same.

So, let your little one go wild with those doors – they’re building a smarter brain with each creak and slam!

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2. Exploring Their Environment And Mastering Sensory-Motor Skills: The Perfect Recipe for Door Obsession!

When your baby becomes more mobile and starts exploring their surroundings, doors can be an exciting opportunity for them to practice newly acquired motor skills. 

Because pushing or pulling on doors to see how they open and close is a rather engaging activity requiring some muscle power!

This, of course, is fuelled by their inner sense of curiosity; 

What happens if I open the door? What happens if I close it? 

Who is hiding behind those doors? Who will enter the room next, and who will leave? 

Those fun doors are just waiting to be explored! 

The bottom line is through all of this (seemingly meaningless) play with the doors, your baby learns a great deal about the world and environment in which they live.

3. Copying Others: Why Your Baby is Following in Everyone’s Footsteps…to the Door!

Ever witnessed a tiny human dropping truth bombs they shouldn’t have heard?

We may not necessarily be aware of this, but your little one is a secret spy, observing and mimicking your every move and word. 

So, be careful what you do or say and what you do because they’re watching… always watching and then replicating it…

Because babies and children have a strong tendency to imitate what others do (that includes those embarrassing behaviours too…)

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As a result, if they see other people interacting with doors, they may try to imitate that behaviour.

And technically, there is nothing wrong with babies being fascinated by the doors. Quite the opposite. 

Research has shown that the tendency to imitate others in infancy plays an important role in the development of social cognition, allowing them to learn about their environment and acquire new skills through social interaction with others.

And they do it much quicker than if they had to learn everything through trial and error.

Furthermore, scientists from the University of Liverpool found that babies are more likely to copy an adult’s action when it is done intentionally, rather than accidentally. 

This finding suggests that babies are not just passively copying what they see but are actively trying to understand the intention behind these actions!

So, let them play with those doors, will you?

4. Control Freak? Your Baby’s Fascination with Doors Might Be About More Than Just Independence!

When babies play with doors, they may feel like little kings and queens ruling over their own little kingdoms! 

They get to decide when to open the door or when to close it. And who gets to come in or out. 

It’s like their very own version of “Game of Thrones” – except with a lot less violence and a lot more giggling! 

They feel in control of their environment and can create a cause-and-effect relationship!

And this can be very satisfying for babies because they can see that their actions have affected the world around them! How cool is that?!

In addition to this, playing with doors can give babies a sense of autonomy and independence. 

It is their choice when to open or close the door, and they are in control of their movements and activities. 

This can be an empowering feeling for babies who are still learning about their own abilities, as well as their limitations.

An Introduction to Cause and Effect – teaching your child how can make things happen

5. Babyproofing The Doors: Keeping Your Little One Safe and Happy!

Okay, so now knowing why my baby is so fascinated by the doors and that I shouldn’t interfere with this new habit, is there something I can do to ensure my baby doesn’t end up with amputated fingers?

While it’s important to let your little one explore their curiosity, we definitely want to avoid any finger amputations along the way. 

Fear not, there’s an easy fix! 

Simply grab a trusty door stop or wedge to prevent those doors from slamming shut. 

If you’re feeling extra resourceful, you can even hang a towel over the door. 

This should effectively stop the door from closing too.

With these simple tricks, you can rest easy knowing your baby can continue their door obsession without any danger to their digits.

Key Learning Points

  • Babies are fascinated by doors because they offer novelty and new experiences they crave. 
  • Playing with doors allows babies to practise their newly acquired motor skills and give them sense of control and autonomy over their environment.
  • Babies tend to imitate others and if they see people interacting with doors, they may try to explore doors themselves. 
  • Allowing babies to play with doors is beneficial for their social cognition and supports learning new skills through interaction.
  • Parents can ensure their baby’s safety while exploring doors by using door stops or wedges to prevent slamming shut.
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