Can Babies Sense Evil? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Can Babies Sense Evil? - Babe in Dreamland

So, have you ever wondered if your tiny, innocent bundle of joy can sense evil? As in, can they tell the good from the evil person?

On one hand, babies are born with a clean slate, which means with no existing concepts in their minds.

Furthermore, babies cannot even notice danger. They will learn all about it from us and their environment, right?

But the truth is:

Babies are born with a strong moral sense.

Meaning: they are actually good at identifying the good and the evil.

So, allow me to blow your mind and prove that even newborn babies are excellent judges of characters and human nature.

Can Babies Sense Evil?

Solid scientific evidence suggests that babies are born with a strong sense of ethics. Besides, they also can grasp the inner nature of things with their intuition, unspoiled by rational thinking – the ability they will learn as they grow. Furthermore, babies are remarkably perceptive to others’ aura and feel the negative energy emanating from a person with a dark personality. On top of this, babies are emotionally attached to their mothers – even outside the womb. Therefore, as soon she feels stressed or uncomfortable in the presence of the evil person, the baby can feel it too and get affected by it. All these factors allow little humans to tell apart the good and evil.

Babies Can Feel Negative Energy

Let’s start with the ability to sense negative vibes (an energy field coming out of every person).

Despite not doing anything particularly evil in the presence of a baby, people with dark personalities and intentions emit an unfriendly aura.

Such people usually try to hide their genuine nature.

They may even appear kind and sweet, but their shady intentions will come through their negative aura.

And babies will feel it and pick up on it!

And why is that?

Because senses and instinct are all babies have at this point. So, they merely read the sensory cues sent by people and the surrounding environment.

Therefore, they will instantly identify destructive emotions and negative vibes radiating from evil people.

Similarly to animals, babies don’t understand words and cannot think logically. Therefore, they won’t get distracted by sweet talking. So, it won’t temper their judgement.

Adults, on the other hand, even if they sense that something is off, will immediately apply an explanation or excuse that will affect their instinct and judgement.

Hence, it may be more challenging for an adult to spot the shady person as accurately as babies can.

Babies and Animals Have an Innate Sense of Moral Judgement!

According to a study conducted by scientists from Yale University babies as young as 3 months old can tell good from evil.

In a gist, the study comprised multiple scenarios involving 3 puppets:

The first try to accomplish a specific task, the second tries to help, and the third tries to disturb and prevent the assignment from completing.

Then all scenarios were presented to the babies between 6-12 months old.

Then, the babies were offered a choice of picking up one of the three puppets.

The results were astonishing: 80% of babies chose the helpful character over the unhelpful one.

Which leads the scientists to conclude that we humans have a hired-wired moral sense. Such as empathy, compassion and fairness.

It is not something that is developed later in life or inherited with DNA, as previously thought.

We are born with the ability to tell apart good from evil!

The below video shows how they conducted these tests.

Magazine – Can Babies Tell Right From Wrong?

Babies Are in Tune with Their Mom’s Emotions.

Babies can also detect when there is something wrong due to their ability to mirror their mother’s emotional state,

This means that if a mom gets uneasy in the company of someone with questionable traits, her baby will absorb her tension and feelings.

(And we are talking about the non-verbal cues such as facial expressions that babies can see, let alone your tone of voice or gestures!)

Not only that. According to a study published by scientists from Cambridge University, it turns out that when the baby looks into the eyes of an adult, their brain activity patterns sync up.

So, this neural synchronization facilitates the exchange of information between them and ultimately helps the baby with early learning.

In other words, if a mom gazes into the eyes of her baby, it is a direct signal for the baby to tune in and capture the message she is trying to send. The kind of thing that says, “Be alert, there’s a dangerous person around.”

And why is that?

When babies are directly connected to their mothers during pregnancy, they can feel their emotions. Both positive and negative. With the same intensity.

But we all know that.

Surely, every pregnant lady was told multiple times to avoid stress, keep calm and take it easy. Because their emotional state will directly influence the development of their unborn baby.


This unique emotional connection between a mother and her baby continues after birth.

So, babies as young as 3 months old continue to pick up on their mother’s emotional state.

They can sense whether the mom is sad, angry, scared, or stressed – and react to it.

When it comes to sensing evil, it is an indirect reaction (by reflecting the feelings of mothers), yet, the ultimate effect is still the same. Babies will feel and know that something or someone is not quite right.

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 Final Few Lines

The bottom line is – to trust your baby’s instinct next time they scream or behave oddly around a stranger.

So, if they don’t like someone at first glance – just be careful around that person.

Babies have a good sense of people and are expert judges of character.

And babies definitely can sense negative energy…

That’s because they have an innate moral sense.

Since babies rely solely on their senses and instincts in their early development, they can also sense someone’s energy.

And finally, babies are exceptionally receptive to their mother’s emotional state. So when the evil person is around, a baby will sense her discomfort and unease immediately.

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