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Can Babies Listen To Heavy Metal Music? (Myths About Heavy Metal Debunked!)

Can Babies Listen To Heavy Metal Music? - Babe in Dreamland

There is a reason for the high popularity and accessibility of interactive classes involving music, instruments, and rhythm for babies and toddlers.

Undoubtedly, our babies and children can benefit from early exposure to lullabies, nursery rhymes and other popular children’s tunes.

The subject of the positive impact of music on overall health and development is well-researched and unambiguous.

But how about other music genres, such as hard rock or heavy metal, that don’t target such a young audience, huh?

Are babies supposed to listen to heavy metal?

Well, read on to find out whether it is ok to expand your baby’s music repertoire beyond commonly recognised tunes.

Can Babies Listen To Heavy Metal Music?

There are a few potentially discouraging misconceptions about heavy metal music. Those myths prevent parents from playing heavy metal for babies who have shown an interest in it. However, there are a growing number of scientific studies that reveal quite the opposite. These studies confirm the therapeutic effect of heavy metal music on the people who truly enjoy it. It turns out that metal helps them process difficult emotions like anger, fear, or rejection. And provides comfort and means to let go of these feelings. So from a science and health perspective – there is no reason you should stop your baby from listening to the metal if they seem to enjoy it.

Heavy Metal vs Anger and Mental Health

Have you ever heard of music therapy used for babies with various neurological disorders or emotional difficulties?

Music plays a vital role in a baby’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. And it is a widely accepted status quo.

By exposing the baby to music, not only will they find it soothing, but also will they be developing their brain in a nurturing environment.

And this will cause the rapid acquisition of math and language skills in the future.

I covered this subject in my post: Why Is Music Good For My Baby’s Development?

However, what if your baby seems to prefer heavy metal music rather than nursery rhymes?

Or what if you want your baby to continue the family’s passion for heavy metal?

And finally, is it okay to play heavy metal for a little bundle of joy?

After all, heavy metal has a reputation for promoting violence and hostility since it often contains an element of hatred, racism, sexism, aggressive rebellion and satanic activities…

And there are indeed some limited studies suggesting increased suicide risk and decreased sensitivity to violence in people listening to heavy metal.


These studies often ignored other influential factors, such as drug abuse, weak family relationship, and alienation… These factors weaken the link between heavy metal and aggression or offensive acts…

And in fact, other studies suggest a totally opposite effect of heavy metal, which isn’t negative as everyone thinks.

They found that the electric guitar’s energetic, powerful and intense sounds helped with emotional release, with processing anger and other difficult-to-process feelings!

Metal fans find comfort in listening to powerful sounds which enhance their overall well-being and mental health.

Therefore, the fans of heavy metal, especially the most vulnerable ones, are at a lesser risk of self-harm or aggression.

I must stress, though, that this is true only for those who truly enjoy this type of music.

Listening to high-intensity music can cause distress for people who dislike it.

But there are more myths to debunk in this matter….

Heavy Metal vs Logical Thinking and Concentration

Let’s agree first that people who don’t fancy heavy metal might feel annoyed, irritated and upset when listening to metal, or in fact, any other music genre they don’t like. And these feelings won’t help them focus or aid the thinking process. Rather, the opposite.

But the story is totally different for heavy metal lovers.

And yet another study suggests that there is a strong correlation between heavy metal and advanced cognitive skills, or even promoting scientific thinking in the classroom!

It was concluded that “Metalheads” are able to think more logically on complex subjects.

That’s because energetic music boosts brain activity and increases blood circulation within the body cells and, therefore, oxygenation of the brain. As a result, the brain stays alert and can focus and remember information better.

(Perhaps that’s why heavy metal is so popular within the software developers’ community, who usually require the right mindset to tackle complex problems ).

Okay, But What Is It All Have To Do With My Baby Listening to Heavy Metal?

Obviously, the studies I referred to weren’t conducted on babies.

But, hopefully, parents concerned about their baby’s music preference will find some comfort and reassurance from these findings.

Because they dispel the myth that heavy metal music promotes violence and self-harm, and triggers anger and aggression.

So, as far as I am concerned, babies should also be able to listen to this music if they like it.

Of course, I would keep the volume to a child-friendly limit, not the one that a true Metalhead would be used to.

Baby loves heavy metal

Final Few Lines

If your baby shows a particular interest in heavy metal music… Well, can you really judge their taste in music?

After all, everyone has their favourite music, and it is down to their individual preference. There is no right or wrong in that regard. Some people like listening to country and folk, others like rap or punk rock.

The same goes for babies.

Not every baby should be captivated by “Five little ducks” or “Old MacDonald” – just because these are popular kiddies’ songs.

The bottom line is – there is no reason to disallow your baby to listen to heavy metal if they enjoy it.

It won’t make them offensive or violent, but it may have a rather therapeutic effect.

Even though some lyrics in heavy metal express rage and dark aspects of life and human nature…

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